Einmal ist Keinmal


写真集『Einmal ist Keinmal』ステートメントより
翻訳:相磯 展子

It is about freezing a single moment that will never recur and looking at it again and again. It is about capturing a moment which never happened at all through a camera lens.A certain moment will never recur, ever again.Although everything seems accidental, surely nothing happens by sheer chance. Or it may be an act of capturing a sole and precious moment. Attempting to perfectly preserve a certain moment, Or trying to accurately convey a message,
Is impossible. But for the photographers, it’s a good thing. Maybe photography is simply a means to connect with people Maybe it is merely a symbol for the things we perceive. So what is photography? That remains a mystery. Having said that the life composed by consecutive precious moment, Is also happens just once, or never happens.

By the statement of the photo book “Einmal ist Keinmal”
Translated by Nobuko Also