my small fib


かもしれないと思い始めます。fibとは、ささいな嘘、という意味だそうです。私は、写真を使って、だれかに、そして自分に、小さな嘘をつき続けているのかもしれません。写真集『Einmal ist Keinmal』にもおさめられた作品。

This work is a collection of black-and-white photographs that I took over 10 years, since when I was a college student. When I started taking pictures, I was only taking black-and-white pictures for a long time. Those pictures — which look a little unrealistic, like a scene from an old movie — made my mediocre reality look like something sad and dramatic. I liked how it felt like there was a story behind it, but then I started to think that there was no such thing there. A “fib” is a petty lie; perhaps I was telling such small lies to myself, and to others, with my photos. This work was included in my photobook “Einmal ist Keinmal”.